Lasting Benefits from a Single Treatment

Connective Tissue Integration for Lower Leg and Foot 

  • Injury Prevention - Prevents overuse syndromes such as shin splints, achilles tendinitis, etc., by keeping muscles supple, healthy and free from adhesions.

  • Movement - Greater range and ease of motion. For dancers, this means smoother transition from plie' to flat to demi-pointe/pointe, through better bone glide and more efficient muscle work.

  • Stability - Improved balance, with enhanced "on your leg" feeling.

The "Free Your Feet" treatment targets one type of connective tissue:  fascia.  The simplest way to understand fascia is to think of it as shrink wrap.  Like shrink wrap, fascia is pliable, stretchable.  Just beneath our skin, our entire body is sheathed in a layer of fascia, called subcutaneous fascia.  Each individual muscle is also wrapped in its own fascial bag.  Among other things, the fascial bags allow the muscles to slide over each other, so each one is free to move independently.

Another aspect of fascia relevant to this treatment is 'fascial creep.'  Basically, if you don't stretch it, it will shrink.  If you're not using the full range of motion of a joint, the fascia will shrink to only allow what you're using.  For example, you stretch diligently until you can bend over and reach your toes.  But, if you then stop stretching, soon you no longer will be able to reach your toes.

Inevitably, we all suffer various small injuries, bruises, cuts, etc.  During the healing process, sometimes adhesions develop, when the fascial bag of one muscle becomes stuck to the fascial bag of an adjacent muscle. Adhesions can also develop when tendons become stuck to the subcutaneous fascia.  These adhesions act as little anchors; your muscles/tendons don't slide freely over each other, and your muscles have to work harder.

"Free your Feet" stretches the fascia for you, both the subcutaneous fascia and the muscle's fascial bags, increasing range of motion.  It also breaks free adhesions by separating the muscles.

A single "Free Your Feet" session is all it takes to improve your ease and range of motion.

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