From his start as a massage therapist in 1992, John was intrigued by hands-on bodywork's potential to offer more than just the benefits of relaxation and stress relief.  Clients invariably also mentioned specific aches and pains. Learning treatment protocols to address those pains became his focus.  

Since then, he has become accomplished in a range of treatment modalities, studying Neuromuscular Therapy with Paul St. John, Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy with Erik Dalton, and Connective Tissue Integration with Garnet Dupuis, among others.  Education is an ongoing process, as each course of study reveals further the complexities of the human body, and raises new questions and possibilities. Each type of treatment has its specific strengths; used together, they offer solutions to a host of pain syndromes. Treatments are structured for each client's unique situation.

John looks forward to assisting you in bringing you and your body to a place of pain free health.

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